5 Ways Dads can Support Moms During and After Pregnancy!

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5 Ways Dads can Support Moms During and After Pregnancy!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Adjusting to one’s new role as a dad can be challenging at times. Here are some ways new dads can support both mom and baby during pregnancy as well as after delivery!

Be a good listener:

Women experience a roller coaster of emotions both during pregnancy and after giving birth. This is the time to be present, proactively listen to her thoughts, and offer comfort, even when you might not completely understand her reasoning.

Accompany her on important appointments:

During and after pregnancy, women have a variety of important health appointments to go to, from prenatal visits to childbirth classes to pediatric checkups. Being there with her during these appointments can help ease a lot of her stress and make her feel she isn’t facing all this alone.

Pick up on the chores:

You know what makes any household chore a hundred times more difficult? Having a round tummy (or having just given birth!) This is the time to pitch in and take some of this labor off her plate: cook the meals, wash the dishes, do the laundry, stock up on baby essentials and help out with the baby etc.

Pamper her with love

Last but not least, pamper her! A woman experiences a lot of physical and emotional discomfort both during pregnancy and postpartum. This is the time to give her the princess treatment! Give her a gentle shoulder message, cook her favorite meal, and tell her she is beautiful!

In the end, remember that as a dad you have the power to make mom’s pregnancy, delivery, and baby care journey so much smoother and less stressful!